Tell your sustainability story. Effectively and easily.

Organize content with our purpose built CMS. Monitor strategy against best practice frameworks. Engage stakeholders with interactive storytelling.

Tell engaging stories

Bring your sustainability journey to life with Immersive digital stories that your stakeholders will love.

Create rich full-screen no-code visualizations, including interactive reports, presentations, and content snippets.

Choose from a range of flexible and easy-to-use section types based on leading frameworks like ESG, SASB, GRI and more.

Build content with your entire team

No seat limit.

Include everyone who adds value to your ESG strategy and content, including finance, legal, compliance, HR, marketing, business unit leaders, … even leadership.

Give your colleagues rights to access all content — or assign permissions on a topic-by-topic basis. Showcase content to reviewers and collaborators before publishing them to your audience.

Track progress and measure engagement

Visually benchmark your strategy against leading sustainability standards, and understand gaps.

Stay focused on what matters most with automatic reminders and alerts. Track views, time-on-page, and story completions to understand how your stories are performing with investors and other external readers.

Save time by reusing content

Integrate with your existing tools like Google Workspace, Airtable, and more. Easily tag, organize and access everything you need – including case studies, social media, risks and opportunities, metrics, initiatives, goals, and more, in a single place.

Create these content blocks once and build unlimited stories in different ways.
“Ecocrumb gets it and understand the data and information are bricks for constructing needed external disclosures, internal communications, and repositories."
Nick Martin,
ESG Leader, Post Holdings

Soulwork Technologies Inc. licenses and uses theSASB Standards and SICS taxonomy in our work.

We are backed by the best

Clean Tech Open 2021 Regional Winner

Engage your stakeholders.

Meet the team

We believe a company's prosperity will be a holistic measure of how a company treats all their stakeholders — employees, customers, communities, and nature. We are an experienced and passionate team helping companies to transparently track and communicate their social and environmental impacts.

Gautam Muralidharan

Co-founder, CEO
Experienced technologist and executive with 15 years experience in B2B/enterprise software sales and delivery. Ex-Partner in PwC's risk, compliance and cybersecurity consulting practice.

Amy Dritz

Co-founder, COO
Sustainability strategist, designer, and author with experience in user-centered design, data visualization and sustainable behavior change. 10 years working on sustainability with public institutions, cities, nonprofits, and businesses.

Angel Villa


Shubham Sevda


Hrushikesh Shinde

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