A new kind of ESG operating system

We help companies track, organize, and prioritize their ESG content to make everyday business decisions that reduce impacts and drive business value.

Everything ESG-related in one place

Sustainability is a team effort. Assign ownership and aggregate quantitative and qualitative ESG content from across the company.

Easily tag, organize and access everything you need for relevant topic areas – including policies, risks and opportunities, key metrics, projects, goals, certifications, partnerships, and more.

Actionable, tailored insights

Get recommendations and insights based on your company’s unique ESG signature to help you prioritize topics areas, assess gaps, and predict risks.

Stay focused on what matters most, and take actions to reduce impacts while driving business value.

Real-time alerts

Improve performance by easily benchmarking against leading standards and regulations. We automatically detect anomalies and risks, and alert proactively to prevent unplanned issues.

Soulwork Technologies Inc. licenses and uses theSASB Standards and SICS taxonomy in our work.

Why Ecocrumb

A context-driven approach to sustainability


Ecocrumb gives you a full picture of your company’s ESG program so you know exactly where things stand at any moment.


Understand how priorities are shifting internally and externally. Adapt your ESG strategy and understand gaps based on changing business context.


Reuse and repurpose blocks of content to tell a consistent story across internal reports, external disclosures, and marketing collateral.


We use ML driven insights to prioritize focus areas and identify opportunities to reduce impacts and improve resilience.

We are backed by the best

Clean Tech Open 2021 Regional Winner

Your sustainability co-pilot.

Meet the team

We believe a company's prosperity will be a holistic measure of how a company treats all their stakeholders — employees, customers, communities, and nature. We are an experienced and passionate team helping companies to transparently track and communicate their social and environmental impacts.

Gautam Muralidharan

Co-founder, CEO
Experienced technologist and executive with 15 years experience in B2B/enterprise software sales and delivery. Ex-Partner in PwC's risk, compliance and cybersecurity consulting practice.

Amy Dritz

Co-founder, COO
Sustainability strategist, designer, and author with experience in user-centered design, data visualization and sustainable behavior change. 10 years working on sustainability with public institutions, cities, nonprofits, and businesses.

Christian Saito

Senior Frontend Engineer

Arunava Chakraborty

Data Science, Machine Learning

Himandri Sharma

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