Simplify your sustainability
reporting and compliance

We integrate with your existing tools to aggregate data, benchmark and report against leading sustainability standards, and keep your compliance on track.

Quickly benchmark and report against standards

Upload sustainability data once and get a head start on reporting against multiple standards and frameworks.

Monitor your ESG compliance in real-time and stay on top of what needs to be done. Get ready to report in days not weeks.

Connect and visualize your data the way you want

Maintain a central registry to view all your ESG data. Connect your favorite tools to visualize your energy, waste, water, and carbon footprint in minutes.

Slice and dice your data anyway you want, to create custom dashboards that work for you. Build ad-hoc reports to answer your own or your stakeholders questions quickly.

Transparently collaborate  with stakeholders

Plan and assign tasks to business and tech stakeholders. Set up automated reminders. Team members can respond wherever they work (e.g., Slack, Teams) and responses are synced in Ecocrumb automatically.

Effectively communicate high level views to customers, investors, company executives and the board. Share progress, reports and visualizations securely.
Why Ecocrumb

A standards-driven approach to sustainability


Ecocrumb gives you unified, focused, and insightful information on your peformance against leading standards by using the data from the tools you already use.


Ecocrumb collects data and responses once, and re-uses it across multiple frameworks, and standards. We save time by automatically monitoring and flagging changes to standards.

Expert help

Get support from our team of sustainability and compliance experts. Get detailed guidance on standards, questionnaires and best practices, so you know you have done it right.


Protect access to sensitive and confidential data with role based access control. Ecocrumb keeps historical records with version control so that you can easily view changelogs.

We are backed by the best

Your fastest
path to ESG compliance.

Meet the team

We believe a company's prosperity will be a holistic measure of how a company treats all their stakeholders — employees, customers, communities, and nature. We are an experienced and passionate team helping responsible companies transparently track and communicate their social and environmental impacts.

Gautam Muralidharan

Co-founder, CEO
Experienced technologist and executive with 15 years experience in B2B/enterprise software sales and delivery. Ex-Partner in PwC's risk, compliance and cybersecurity consulting practice.

Amy Dritz

Co-founder, COO
Sustainability strategist, designer, and author with experience in user-centered design, data visualization and sustainable behavior change. 10 years working on sustainability with public institutions, cities, nonprofits, and businesses.

Arunava Chakraborty

Experienced full stack engineer.
Ex-Microsoft AI research and self-driving car technology founder with experience in deep learning, machine learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision and NLP.
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