Your sustainability copilot.

Keep tabs on your content. Engage stakeholders to make progress on goals. Monitor strategy and emerging risks. Automate reporting and auditing.

Manage and reuse content

Integrate with your existing tools and spreadsheets.

Easily tag, organize, and access everything you need in a single place – including case studies, goals, metrics, risks and opportunities, policies and more. Capture content once and reuse it in different ways.

Create interactive views of your program. See relationships and dependencies by connecting components.

Integrate into your business

Work together with finance, legal, internal audit, compliance, HR, marketing, business units, and leadership. No seat limit.

Easily assign ownership and access to people or teams. Call out what they need to do, and assign due dates to ensure completion.

Make it simple for others in your company to contribute and review. Save time and effort with version controls, shareable page links and single sign-on.

Proactively manage risk

Monitor key drivers, risks and opportunities that impact ESG and the business.

Standardize content and create consistent messaging across the organization.

Identify and document climate scenario plans.

Simplify reporting

Keep up with evolving standards. Use a common set of metrics to report to multiple disclosures in one shot.

Speed up annual reporting and disclosures using workflows and AI.

Increase audit preparedness with approvals, access controls and automatic logging.
“Ecocrumb gets it and understand the data and information are bricks for constructing needed external disclosures, internal communications, and repositories."
Nick Martin,
ESG Leader, Post Holdings

Soulwork Technologies Inc. licenses and uses theSASB Standards and SICS taxonomy in our work.

We are backed by the best

Clean Tech Open 2021 Regional Winner

Fuse sustainability into your business

Meet the team

We believe a company's prosperity will be a holistic measure of how a company treats all their stakeholders — employees, customers, communities, and nature. We are an experienced and passionate team helping companies to transparently track and communicate their social and environmental impacts.

Gautam Muralidharan

Co-founder, CEO
Experienced technologist and executive with 15 years experience in B2B/enterprise software sales and delivery. Ex-Partner in PwC's risk, compliance and cybersecurity consulting practice.

Amy Dritz

Co-founder, COO
Sustainability strategist, designer, and author with experience in user-centered design, data visualization and sustainable behavior change. 10 years working on sustainability with public institutions, cities, nonprofits, and businesses.

Angel Villa

a UX Generalist with a focus on UI design. Experience building multi-platform (desktop, mobile, proprietary systems) design systems. Leading design for Aerospace products such as communication applications, developer tools suite, and support for avionics. Experience with E-commerce and variety of applications.

Shubham Sevda

Experienced frontend engineer who's been pixel-pushing for more than 10 years. Attention to detail enthusiast. Enjoy contributing to open-source projects, attending tech conferences, meetups and experimenting with new technologies. Helped bring multiple startups' visions to life.

Hrushikesh Shinde

Experienced Backend engineer with over 6 years in the industry, specializing in designing and implementing scalable and efficient systems. Committed to delivering high-quality, maintainable code and constantly learning new technologies to improve software development processes.
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