Use Ecocrumb to report to Practice Greenhealth® in half the time.

Simplify data collection. Delegate and track progress. Automate reminders. Easily access data and insights.
“a much-needed tool that I'm confident will save us all many, many hours”
Healthcare Sustainability Director and Ecocrumb Customer
Assign individual questions or entire sections to different users in your organization.
Allow your users to provide answers without logging into an external tool. No password or registration needed.
The platform automatically sends questions, tracks responses, and reminds users of open requests.
Admin dashboard to see who’s responded and validate data.
Quickly compare previous responses side by side.
View the overall status of topics and applications in real time.
Works seamlessly with your existing sustainability data collection vendors.
Data is uploaded to your Practice Greenhealth account for you.
No messy on-premise installs or sensitive data stored. No infosec approval needed. Get going in a week!
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We’ll do a complimentary setup and data migration of your 2024 award application data to Ecocrumb.

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